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Upcoming Dungeon-Crawler Nadir Gets a Teaser Trailer

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As names go, Nadir is not one you’d normally pick for a game.

Nadir is, according to Oxford Languages, “The lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation”. But, according to developers Shockwork Games (creators of Alder’s Blood), this upcoming dungeon crawling RPG’s characters are just the worst.

It’s inspired by Divine Comedy which, we’re assuming, is Dante Alighieri’s poem, not the band fronted by Neil Hannon. Your team of reprobates, three “powerful, yet extremely blemished characters” descend into hell in search of even more power, because that’s bound to work out well for them. Shockwork will be using Kickstarter to gather the funds to fuel this trip into the otherworld.

The teaser trailer, which you can watch below, touches on the game’s setup but doesn’t show it in action. Nadir’s screenshots, on the other hand, have us intrigued, with a near monochrome art-style that looks absolutely striking. Think Cerberus is a three headed dog? Not according to Nadir, where he’s depicted as a massive worm-like creature with human legs.

Nadir also promises to deliver a twist on turn-based combat, with your characters skills affect how quickly bosses attack. The game is still in development, though we anticipate a nightmare or two if we ever play. We’re also keen to see how Nadir determines which of your terrible, terrible people gets their hands on ultimate power.

Nadir is set for a 2021 release on PC and Nintendo Switch, with the possibility of a PlayStation and Xbox release later on. The Kickstarter has yet to launch but when it does you’ll be able to find it here.

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