What To Expect From Fall Guys Season 3.5

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3.5 is on the way, with the promise of new costumes, a new map and more.

No, you read that right, Season 3.5; online games are doing half-seasons now. But, hey, if it’s good enough for The Walking Dead, it’s good enough for Fall Guys, especially if we can persuade Mediatonic to give us a Negan costume.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account tweeted out the news, along with an idea of what to expect from the season’s half-way mark. These include a new level, variations on existing levels, new shows and costumes and, best of all, Godzilla, Sonic and Goose Game being available through the regular in-game store. Sure, we’d kill for MechGodzilla, but the original will do for now.


Why tease a new half-season? Because online games live and die on new content, particularly when there’s money to made from microtransactions, as is the case with Fall Guys. Sure, you could just advertise it as “new DLC” but calling it Season 3.5 does more to grab your attention; it certainly got ours. We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Fornite followed suit.

That said, there’s no definite release date for Season 3.5 but, going by the length of Fall Guys’ previous seasons, we’d expect it to arrive in February.

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