What’s New in Hitman 3?

Hitman 3 VantagePoint

Hitman 3 is finally available, and for stealth fans it’s a must-buy. Though anybody interested in it might be wondering what it offers that’s new.

So, what is new in Hitman 3? New locations are a given: Hitman 3 offers six new locations for players to sneak and murder their way through, five of which are bigger and better then ever before. Improved visuals are to be expected, too, especially as Hitman 3 is the first game in the series to hit next-gen consoles. And on top of all that you can add a multitude of new weapons and tools to add a bit of variety to your assassination exploits. There are two new features in Hitman 3, however, that are particularly noteworthy.

Agent 47 Now Has a Camera

It’s not long into your first mission in Hitman 3 that you’re introduced Agent 47’s new camera. As you’d expect you can use it to take photos as you play through the game, but it also has some other, more helpful functions.


Agent 47 can use the camera to relay pictures of panels, for example, which a third party can then help him to hack or unlock. The camera is also useful evidence gathering tool; you might be tasked with taking a picture of a target to prove that you’ve killed them, or take a shot of someone’s handwriting to see if it matches with a note that you found. It may seem like a small thing, but the introduction of the camera makes the world of Hitman 3 that bit more immersive and interactive.

Persistent Shortcuts Open Up More Opportunities

The second notable new feature in Hitman 3 is the introduction of persistent shortcuts. With each location being bigger and more varied than ever, shortcuts are great for saving time moving between one place and another, and opening up new opportunities on subsequent playthroughs.

As you explore each location you’ll find doors that have been securely shut and telescopic ladders that need tools to be released. If you manage to open them up or free them, you’ll find that they’ll remain that way the next time you visit that location. So, on a second, third, or even fourth visit to a location, you might not have to travel through one area to get to another like you did before. That means you might be able to bypass a security checkpoint, or simply reach a target quicker. Ultimately, it presents you with more opportunities, and that’s what Hitman is all about.