Animal Crossing players love to visit each others’ islands.

With the use of customisable designs, there are millions of different ways for players to customise their island and make it totally unique. That’s why when dream hopping was added to the game players were incredibly excited. Dream hopping allows players that have the code to another players island to visit without having to go through the trouble of flying there. But finding the best dream islands isn’t always easy. Let us help.

Dream hopping is an especially great way for online influencers to let their followers visit their islands without the risk of them coming and tramping all their flowers, stealing the shells on their beach, etc. We’ve picked five of the best dream islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that we think you should go visit right now.


Harry Potter Island

best dream island Animal Crossing Harry Potter Island

Island Code: DA-4889-9959-1231

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter you’ll definitely want to visit this island created by Twitter user @Iambaconn_. As soon as you enter the island you’re welcomed with hand-made WANTED posters that say “Have you seen this wizard?” You’ll feel you’ve just landed in Diagon Alley as you walk the streets and be greeted with a menagerie of unique animals in cages.

Head south east and you’ll even find the train tracks where the Hogwarts Express comes into the station. It’s a little bit disturbing that the people you speak to on the island say only “Hail Pietro,” but we’re sure that’s a story for another time. If you’re looking for a place to wear your wizarding robes, this is definitely one of the best dream islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Silent Hill Island

best dream island Animal Crossing Silent Hill Island

Island Code: DA-0167-0836-7272

This Silent Hill inspired island, created by YouTuber cassisgummi is a bit on the subtle side of things – much like the town of Silent Hill is. As you explore the island you’ll notice bits and pieces of spooky items. The people you’ll meet are dressed like creepy doctors and all of the detailing with the dark flowers has wonderfully eerie vibes.

By far the coolest part of the island is at the front where you’ll uncover the Silent Hill entrance sign. As you follow the winding paths you’ll also see the creepy rabbit known from Silent Hill 3 and other bits and bobs reminiscent of the horror game (plus a few Halloween items for some extra spooks).

Asian-inspired Island

best dream island Animal Crossing Asian Island

Island Code: DA-1933-8047-4665

Stepping onto this island created by Instagram user @ttz_acnh feels quite similar to landing in well-known Asian locations. If you head to the back of the island you’ll find a shopping centre where you can grab a kimono or a spooky mask. You’ll also come across some beautiful waterfalls with bamboo lamps and natural bamboo growing all over the area.

On the southern side of the island you might uncover a tranquil bonsai garden completely with a beautiful wooden writing desk. The Eastern side of the island has a beautifully wooded area with mushrooms and what looks like a hot spring-inspired area by the beach. Kick off your shoes for this dream island and have a nice relaxing stroll through Asia. With so much attention to detail, it’s one of the best dream islands we’ve visited yet.

Overlook Hotel Island

Animal Crossing Overlook Hotel Island

Island Code: DA-0480-2729-0811

Going back on the spooky train, how about a visit to the Overlook Hotel from The Shining? Created by reddit user _foxy_mulder, there’s something chilling about landing on this island and wandering around. There are small sections dedicated to well-known rooms in the hotel. Venture south and you’ll notice a bar with drinks and chairs. A little to the east and you’ll discover the renowned hedge maze. A little small, but still very intimidating in the right light.

The entire island is reminiscent of the actual hotel. The creator of the island has collected only the spookiest items to help get the atmosphere for the Overlook Hotel just right. If only you could equip your axe and yell, “Here’s Johnny!”

Legend of Zelda Island

Animal Crossing Legend of Zelda Island

Island Code: DA-9114-1462-2579

Last but not least on our dream hopping adventure is this Legend of Zelda-inspired island from reddit user Daega-of-New-Hyrule. Land here and you’ll feel like you’ve just hopped into the land of Hyrule. As you wander around you’ll uncover little Easter eggs that allude to the Legend of Zelda universe. You might see a bit of Link’s armour lying around or a triforce carved into the ground.

Even the music on this Zelda-inspired island feels like something you’d hear in the game. Every detail has been planned for and we just love seeing it all together in one place. Step into the house on the island and you’ll feel as though you’ve jumped right into a dungeon. Talk about a game within a game within a game. If you’re a Zelda fan, this is one of the best dream islands you’ll find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.