1The Best JRPGs on Xbox One

Final Fantasy X (1)
Words by Kyle Bradford, Richard Seagrave and Kim Snaith

The Xbox One might not be known for its reputation as a JRPG machine, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft’s console doesn’t have plenty of hits in the genre worth playing.

While Nintendo and Sony both may have a more historic connection to the genre, the Xbox One has made some valiant efforts in courting a part of Japan’s gaming audience. Not every attempt has been totally successful, but Microsoft hasn’t yet given up on the land of the rising sun.

Over the last few years, more and more of Japan’s finest have been making their way onto Xbox. And if you’re a Game Pass subscriber, it’s even better news; there’s a good amount of them available as part of your subscription. So while Xbox players might miss out on some of the JRPGs available to PlayStation gamers, there’s still a healthy amount to choose from.

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