Dan Hibiki Is Street Fighter V’s Latest Downloadable Character

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is kicking off Season 5 with Dan Hibiki, a character who started off as nothing more than a joke.

But, years and years later, Dan is a serious contender so it was only a matter of time he turned up in PC and PS4 beat-em-up Street Fighter V. His appearance also marks the fifth anniversary of long-running beat-em-up which, if we’re honest, is weirding us out a little.

Why? Because after years and years of Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition, Street Fighter III Third Strike etc, we can’t believe Street Fighter V hasn’t been superceded in some way. Instead, Capcom has been adding character after character to the game. It works, but it’s a major change in strategy for the company.


Dan is, in theory, available to download for free but only if you grind away to earn enough Fight Money. Street Fighter V’s characters have always been ‘free’ but the sheer amount of punching and kicking you need to do to unlock them means it’s less of a hassle to buy them which, we suspect, is what Capcom intended.

Instead, you can buy the Season 5 Character Pass or the Season 5 Premium Pass to get access to Dan and the other upcoming Season 5 characters. You can catch Dan in action below and he’s available to unlock (Fight Money notwithstanding) right now.