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Explore the Wildlands With Ooblets’ New Update

Ooblets Wildlands

Adorable life-sim Ooblets has a new update, letting you head into the Wildlands.

We got a kick out Ooblets and more content for this Early Access title can only be a good thing, right? It sounds like there’s a lot on offer according to the official Ooblets account:

But the ‘ability to retrieve deposited Ooblets’ makes us feel very uncomfortable indeed. In case you missed it, Ooblets players asked for a means to get rid of excess Ooblets and the developers obliged. Their solution was to let you exile Ooblets to the Wildlands, sending them off to fend for themselves. This always seemed a little off to us – we could hear the imagine the sad theme from The Incredible Hulk in our head as the creatures wandered off, unwanted.

Now you can get them back, just how are your little ‘friends’ going to react to you deciding you do want them after all? It’s like taking abandoning a cat to an animal shelter then coming back a month later expecting them to be absolutely okay with you just taking them back. Sure, we will be diving into the Wildlands update but we’ll be doing our best not to think about the Ooblets we cruelly rejected.

Whether you’re a heartless monster or not, the Ooblets Wildlands update should be available right now for all players.

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