Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Will Bring the Classic RPG to Mobile

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is bringing Final Fantasy VII to mobile.. all of it!

Confused? We don’t blame you, since Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis seems like an almost impossibly grand venture. The game, revealed yesterday, will squeeze the whole of Final Fantasy VII, plus all of the spin-off games and movies, into one single mobile title. It’ll be told in an episodic format and will even feature elements from the FF VII remake.

It was revealed shortly after Sony’s Playstation State of Play event yesterday, which also revealed a new chunk of content and a Playstation 5 upgrade for Final Fantasy VII remake. Ever Crisis’s trailer, which you can check out below, certainly looks impressive resembling for the most part, a visual upgrade for the original Final Fantasy VII.


That said, it’s possible it may not offer quite as much freedom as the original, instead having you progress through the various scenes in sequence. Whatever the case, we’re not going to turn our nose up at another chance to explore the original FF VII. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is set to launch some time during 2022 and will be available on Android and iOS.