Find Love in Fallen London With Mask of the Rose

Mask of the Rose

Failbetter Games, developers of Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies, have launched a Kickstarter for Mask of the Rose, a romantic visual novel set in their Fallen London universe.

We were going to make a gag about backing the Kickstarter so it didn’t sink without trace but there’s absolutely no danger of that happening. The Mask of the Rose campaign launched a day ago and, at the time of writing, it’s at 86% of its £90,000 goal. Still, given how intriguing the Fallen London universe is, there’s every reason to hurl your hard earned money at Failbetter games. We loved Sunless Seas and any would welcome any chance to further explore Fallen London.

Fallen London (which forms the basis for an online browser game) is the result of a pact between Queen Victoria and nefarious, demonic forces. London has been wrenched from the surface world and dragged down into a dark, watery abyss. But instead of perishing, London’s citizenry have survived the transition, albeit with a few… changes.


Mask of the Rose sees you delving into this world but what’s particularly intriguing, for a romantic visual novel especially, is that isn’t always all about you. Yes, you can find love, but you can bypass romance entirely or help someone else find the object of their sunken desires. It sounds like a refreshing change from games where everyone with a pulse is fixated on you. Mask of the Rose is set to launch on PC, via Steam, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it found its way to consoles.

The Kickstarter rewards range from a copy of the game all the way through to scented candles, a custom player icon, a map of Fallen London and much much more. If strange love sounds right up your street you can back Mask of the Rose’s Kickstarter here.