Four More Games to Play if You Like Hades

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Since leaving Early Access in September 2020, Hades has become ridiculously popular. And if you’ve played it, it’s not hard to see why.

Hades follows Zagreus, son of Hades, as he tries to escape the underworld to reach Mount Olympus. Players gain powers and level up as they try again and again to defeat the many dangerous hordes of the Underworld. What makes Hades stand out from other games in the Rogue-like genre is its engaging story. It would be very easy for a game like Hades, which is very combat-heavy, focus solely on that. But this title finds the perfect balance between story and gameplay.

If you’ve finished Hades and want something new that might scratch a similar itch, we’ve rounded up four games like Hades. They all have great gameplay, story, art style and much more.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells Body

Dead Cells is a Rogue-like title with some Metroidvania elements, affectionately renamed a “RogueVania”. The game features non-linear progression and, unlike Hades which has players visiting the same areas over and over, encourages exploration. Levelling up unlocks new paths and from there, players can go wherever they want whenever they want.

But Dead Cells is one of the best games like Hades because it shares a similar focus on storytelling. It lets players piece together the narrative themselves. You play as The Prisoner who seemingly has been trying to escape for quite some time. As you progress you’ll uncover more about the world and what it used to be before a plague known as “The Malaise” infected the area. You’ll fight several enemies, gain answers and explore in a game that anyone who loves Hades is sure to appreciate.

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Transistor is an obvious choice for this games like Hades list for many reasons, but moreso because they were both created by Supergiant Games. It’s a sci-fi RPG Rogue-like that has you exploring a futuristic city, mastering your weapon and strategising the best course of action to get you through waves of enemies and difficult terrain.

Similarly to Hades, Transistor is beautifully hand-painted and has an in-depth atmospheric story. The game follows a famous singer named Red who is attacked by robots commanded by an evil group known as the Camerata. Her transistor is a sword that the players use throughout the game. If you played Hades and absolutely loved its story and gameplay, Transistor is a safe bet for what to play next.

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is a much different experience to Hades, but still has many of the same gameplay elements. Plus, it’s incredibly fun and addictive. Much like Hades, The Binding of Isaac involves randomly generated dungeons. You have to be incredibly quick on your feet in order to survive – and if you don’t, you start over from the beginning of the level. And you’re going to die… a lot. Hades players will be very familiar with this.

The Binding of Isaac also has incredibly difficult boss battles that you’ll likely fail on your first few attempts. That’s the beauty of the action Rogue-like, after all. While this title is very similar to Hades, the differences, such as The Binding of Isaac‘s delightfully grotesque 2D art style, makes it a wonderfully dissimilar experience as well.

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Enter the Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon Feature

Enter the Gungeon is probably the game on this list that is the least like Hades, but it still has plenty of similarities; most notably its fast-paced gameplay and procedurally generated dungeons. In the game you play as band of misfits whose goal it is to loot and shoot their way through dangerous dungeons. You can grab your friends and bring them along for the ride in this one as it’s a co-op adventure.

Much like Hades, Enter the Gungeon has a beautifully illustrated world full of monsters just begging to kill you. The enemies you encounter each time are completely random so you’ll have to be quick on your feet and pick the best weapons for the job. It’s challenging, but no-one who has played and loved Hades would say that they’re in it for a relaxing stroll through the park.

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