2The Last of Us Part II

There’s no question that The Last of Us series has some of the best game design ever. Period. We were impressed with the first in the series which introduced players to this harsh world for the very first time. Seeing how realistic these characters were made us that much more connected to them after experiencing their long journey.

Now, a few years have passed and The Last of Us Part II’s character design has only improved. We’ve been able to see Ellie mature in front of our eyes; she now has tattoos, but has gained muscles, no doubt from how fit you must be the survive in this world. Joel, too, has gained a few more grey hairs. Each character has been intricately updated based on how they really would have changed in this unforgiving universe.

More than that, improvements in technology has allowed Naughty Dog to bring them to life like never before. Character animations and facial expressions are unrivalled here, and the attention to detail put in by the development team is astounding. Ellie squints in bright light, and if she finds an item, she’ll actually put it in her bag. It won’t magically disappear like most other games. It’s that level of detail that makes The Last of Us Part II‘s character design so incredible and unforgettable.

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