God of War Gets Enhanced for the Playstation 5

God of War Thumbs Up

God of War has been enhanced for Playstation 5, letting it get the most out of your console.

Played God of War to death? Seen everything it has to offer? Well, tough. It’s been enhanced for Playstation 5 so you’re going to spend the next thirty or so hours playing through it all again. Probably.

Santa Monica Studio, the team behind this father/son hack-em-up have announced what they call an “Enhanced Performance Experience”, which applies exclusively to those playing it on the Playstation 5. However, this might not be what you think. This update doesn’t add a whole range of graphical enhancements; instead, it enhances performance.


Confused? We don’t blame you. Santa Monica Studio already added some graphical tweaks for the Playstation 4 Pro, giving you the choice of playing the game in performance mode or resolution mode. You could either have a prettier higher-res game or a smoother experience.

If you have a Playstation 5 you don’t have to think about this distinction as, thanks to the power of the console, you should get both fancy, hi-res graphics and a smooth framerate. If you still want absolute control you can drop down to Playstation 4 Pro level controls, dubbed “Original Performance Experience”.

The patch should be available right now, and should auto-download when you next fire up the game or, if you’ve played it recently, when you next turn on your console.

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