Check Out the New Features Coming to Destruction All-Stars

Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars, the PlayStation 5 exclusive car combat game, is getting a whole host of new events and features.

This on and offline car-brawler will be getting several events to encourage players to leap into Destruction AllStars‘ driving seat and reward those who already have. As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, these events include:

  • Double XP Weekends (February, March and April)
  • Ten new skins (March)
  • Featured playlists (March and April)
  • Special challenges (March and April)

You can find the full details on the PlayStation Blog, but if you’re a fan of Carmageddon, Destruction Derby and similar titles, this could be right up your streetWe’ll be sharing our opinion of it shortly but, since it’s free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, you’ve not got a lot to lose. Well, provided you don’t get hooked on its microtransactions, that is.

Destruction AllStars’ upcoming Transporter challenge is the one that intrigues us the most; it sees you collecting and dropping off passengers and sounds like a hyper-violent version of Crazy Taxi. Creators Lucid Games have plans going forward so while they’ve just specified February, March and April’s content you can expect a lot more to roll up in the future.

If you want a glimpse of what Destruction AllStars has to offer, you can check out the trailer below.