Hitman Player Squeezes Every Sapienza NPC Into a Meat Freezer


A Twitch Streamer has managed to squeeze every single non-player-character in Hitman’s Sapienza level into a single meat freezer.

As reported by PC Gamer, a streamer by the name of RTGame Daniel, managed to subdue over 200 NPCs, the entire population of the level, and squeeze them into one single freezer. The feat took over eight hours and was carried out with the intention of killing every single NPC in the level at once. The simultaneous homicide didn’t quite work out, but it’s still an amazing, ridiculous feat as you can see here.

As well as time, this faintly disturbing accomplishment also required a lot of patience, since Agent 47, Hitman’s bald protagonist, can only drag one body at once. Watch the video and you’ll see there’s an awful lot of to-ing and fro-ing. It’s not the first time players have been able to abuse a walk-in freezer, however. The original Tomb Raider allowed you to lure Lara’s butler inside one, then lock the door before he could escape. Which we definitely didn’t do. Several times.

You can check out the entire video here and if you do work in a place with a walk-in meat freezer, we’re sure you’ll be absolutely fine. Probably.

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