Horror Game In Nightmare is Headed to PS4 This Year

In Nightmare

What if you had to face the monsters in your nightmares?

In Nightmare, a new horror adventure game from Magic Fish Studios and Maximum Games, is headed to PlayStation 4 this year. It follows a young boy who has unwillingly trapped himself in his own nightmares.

In Nightmare is narrative-driven and focuses on the story of the boy and his path through his nightmares. There will be some conflict, but players can expect to mostly enjoy the haunting story while they solve the game’s intricate puzzles. Players must also master the art of stealth to sneak past the more powerful nightmares.


In the trailer you can see the boy as he faces a whole host of terrifying monsters. He clearly doesn’t have any weapons to defend himself against the creatures. Players will have only their wits and the boy’s dream spirit to help him through this horrific journey. Monsters await you around every corner, so players will have to learn the best ways to make an escape.

Your dream spirit is there to help you and you can control it in order to reveal invisible pathways, be a decoy or gather items. Although the boy has closed off his mind from reality, there are still some things in his mind that wish to help him through the adventure.

In Nightmare will release later this year on PlayStation 4 for £14.99, but it does not have an exact release date yet.

Check out the eerie trailer below.