Hot Wheels Unleashed Will Bring Die-Cast Racing To Consoles and PC

Hot Wheels

As if bringing Hot Wheels to Forza Horizon wasn’t enough, Hot Wheels Unleashed gives the die-cast toy cars their own racing game.

Developer Milestone seems confident Hot Wheels Unleashed will deliver the racing shenanigans the brand deserves. So if you have fond memories of playing with Hot Wheels or you’re an avid collector of the die-cast cars, Hot Wheels Unleashed could give you a chance to really put these little vehicles through their paces.

But what’s really caught our attention is that Hot Wheels Unleashed will feature a track editor, letting you create your own racing tracks which can be shared with other players. We’re looking forward to making tracks with some distressingly tight corners, the Dark Souls of die-cast raceways. We were also intrigued to learn that, while it has an online multiplayer mode, Unleashed will also support split-screen couch racing, something that’s lacking from a lot of multiplayer titles.


We do have one reservation, however, and that’s that announce trailer, which you can see below, seems to be entirely pre-rendered. Given the game’s set to arrive in September we’d have liked to see some footage of the game in action. It seems like we’ll have to wait till we’re a little closer to Hot Wheels Unleashed’s release date.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will launch this Sept 30th on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch.