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How to Get the Key in the School Classroom in Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II

The second level of Little Nightmares II finds you inside a rather intimidating school, and you’ll come across a particularly tricky puzzle where you need to find a key.

If you’re struggling on how to get past the teacher in the classroom and get the key in Little Nightmares II, here’s what you need to know. Thankfully, once you know what you’re doing, the solution is very simple.

You’ll find yourself in the back of a classroom filled with porcelain-headed children. At the head of the class is the scary, long-necked teacher. If you sneak behind, she will always sense you’re there, sending her pupils to get you. The thing is – you need to get to her store cupboard at the other side of the classroom. In there, atop a shelf, is a key that you need to progress.

While it seems the obvious option to sneak straight behind the classroom, don’t. You need to make your way up the left-hand side of the classroom, and hide in front of the teacher’s desk. The children never look up from their desks, so they won’t see you. Watch out for the teacher turning around from the blackboard, and time your movements accordingly.

From behind her desk, make your way down the right-hand side of the classroom, using the desks for cover. Sneak through the door, and you’ll find yourself in the store cupboard.

The key you need is on top of a bookshelf in the middle of the room. Start to climb it, and the shelf will topple over – quickly jump out of the way before it crushes you beneath it. The falling shelf will alert the teacher. Hide in the box, in the back of the store cupboard, while she enters.

She’ll eventually leave, leaving you free to sneak out of the vent on your left-hand side, back into the classroom. You’ll once again need to stealth your way back out, sneaking behind the teacher’s desk and back down the left-hand side, back through the door you came in.

This is one of the trickiest stealth sections you’ll face in Little Nightmares II, but once you know the route to take in the classroom, it’s not too difficult. Good luck!

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