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How to Sneak Past the Woman Playing Piano in Little Nightmares II

Towards the end of chapter two of Little Nightmares II, you’ll need to sneak past the freaky long-necked teacher as she plays piano. Here’s how to do it.

Little Nightmares II‘s long-necked teacher is one of the freakiest foes, and so having to sneak past her at any point is a tense affair. The section of chapter two, which sees you sneaking past as she plays the piano, can be tough if you aren’t sure how to approach it. Here’s how to get past her unscathed.

As Mono, you and Six will enter a new room high up on the left. Below, the scary teacher is playing piano. Luckily, she’s quite absorbed in her music, only taking short pauses to make notes every once in a while. Naturally, you only want to move while she’s playing, and stand still when she stop.

Make your way down the shelves on the left-hand side, dropping to the floor when you reach the bottom. Six won’t follow; she’ll stay at the top. At the opposite side of the room is a crank; you need to turn it to move a platform above that will allow you and Six to cross. Carefully make your way across the room, taking care to stop at any point the teacher stops playing piano.

Use the crank to lower the platform, again paying attention to the teacher and only making movement when she’s playing. Once the platform is in place, Six will start to make her way across it. Now, you need to get back up to her.

You’ll need to move the stool from the centre of the room over to the left, to allow you to climb back up the stairs. Carefully push it, again only moving as the piano is playing. Clamber back up the stairs, and head for the vent on the right. Be warned, she will¬†always¬†detect you just as you’re entering the vent, so be prepared to keep running to the right to stay safe!

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