How to Solve the Chess Puzzle in Little Nightmares II

Struggling to solve Little Nightmares II‘s chess puzzle in chapter two? Here’s what you need to know.

Part way through chapter two, the part of Little Nightmares II that puts you in a school filled with porcelain-headed children, you’ll find yourself in a room with a chess board. You need to interact with the board in order to progress, but just how do you solve the chess puzzle?

Each piece needs to be in a specific place. Thankfully, the solution is in the very same room; walk straight ahead from the door you came through, and you’ll see a picture hung on the wall. Jump and grab it, and it’ll roll up, revealing the solution underneath. This shows you the position of each piece.


First, take the head from the Queen piece – the one at the far right of the room, just past the solution – and place it on the top left piece on the board.

Next, grab the head of the Castle piece from just outside the door. Place it on the bottom left piece on the board. You can now use this to climb up on the table. Here, you can grab the King’s head. Place that on the central piece.

Take the Castle head again and this time place it on the piece on the far left. Use it to climb up on the other table. Up here, there’s a light on the wall; jump up and grab it. Doing so will open a door at the back of the room, revealing a new smaller room with a key inside.

Take the key, and you can now progress. That’s all there is to solving the chess puzzle in Little Nightmares II.