IO Interactive Have Revealed Hitman 3’s February Roadmap

Hitman 3 Road Map

IO Interactive have revealed Hitman 3’s February Roadmap, complete with new contracts and vomit grenades.

The latter isn’t quite as amazing as it sounds; the grenade doesn’t explode in a shower of spew, it instead sends people rushing to the toilet. But we are eager to see just how that works – can you only hit one target with it, or can you pitch at the entire Carlisle family and watch them line up to empty their guts?

The vomit grenade is part of “The Gauchito Antiquity”, one of two Deluxe Escalations set to arrive on February 23rd, provided you’ve forked out for the Deluxe edition of Hitman 3. However, there’s also a host of non-deluxe content including “The Baskerville Barney”, which challenges you to kill the Carlisles with nothing but ‘accidents’ and is out right now. You can also expect some Dubai banana-based content later in the month.


Sounds good, right? Yes, but we can’t help but feel that, after Hitman 1 and 2’s DLC, the latter of which included two new locations, Deluxe purchasers deserve a little more. But there’s no mention of new locations and, short of the aforementioned vomit grenade, we’re not convinced that the Deluxe upgrade is really worth the money.

You can learn more about Hitman 3’s February roadmap from the reveal video here or check out our review if you’re still on the fence about this sneak-em-up.

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