Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is Missing Pinnacle Station

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

It’s been confirmed that Mass Effect Legendary Edition is missing Mass Effect 1′s Pinnacle Station downloadble content.

“Who? What now?” you might well be thinking. It’s true, Pinnacle Station wasn’t the most memorable piece of Mass Effect content. It was the second piece of DLC released for Mass Effect and while the first featured actual story content, Pinnacle Station was essentially just a combat arena. However, you’d expect Mass Effect Legendary EditionĀ (coming this May 14th) to at least feature this piece of DLC, for completeness’s sake. So why isn’t it there?

The reason, is that the source code is as good as lost. Speaking to Game Informer, game director Mac Walters explained that, since that piece of content was developed outside of Bioware, they had to get in contact with the developers, Demiurge Studios, and request the code. Unfortunately, the code they got back was corrupted to the point where it would take six months to recreate.


“I wish we could do it. Honestly, just because this is meant to be everything that the team ever created, brought together again – all the single-player content. And so, leaving it all on the cutting-room floor, it was heartbreaking”, said Walters.

But, while it’d be good to have a 100% complete Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it’d be hard to justify a lengthy delay just for a piece of downloadable content that does absolutely nothing for Mass Effect’s story or characters. We’re reasonably confident we can manage without it and if anyone asks we’ll tell them the Reapers did it.

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