Mass Effect Legendary Edition Makes Earthfall This May

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect Trilogy, which has been in the works for two years, now has a concrete release date.

It’s been “officially announced”, even though everyone knew it was waiting in the wings and will arrive May 14th. Fans of the sci-fi action-RPG trilogy have long clamoured for a re-release and now Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 and all the DLC have been squeezed into one package.

On top of that, the trilogy has been giving a graphical overhaul as well as a range of balancing tweaks which should make them more fun to play. Mass Effect 1’s Mako, once the Marmite of space vehicles, has also been improved so driving it is a more pleasant experience.

The first three Mass Effect games (Mass Effect Andromeda received a less than stellar reception) have your protagonist, Commander Shepard, facing an army of ancient civilization-crushing creatures known as The Reapers. Along the way you recruit allies, face down lesser threats and decide whether to romance the blue girl or the space racist.

However, while we’re still looking forward to getting our hands on the Legendary Edition, we’re a little nervous about some of the changes. There’s a lot of lens flare been added to the game, if the screenshots thus released are anything to go by. We’re not the only people to notice this either. Take this comparison from @DaveOshry on Twitter.

Mass Effect comparison

The top picture is from the original game, showing your first encounter with a Reaper. The skies are forboding, stained red with bolts of electricity arcing across the biomechanical monstrosity. The bottom picture, on the other hand, is from the Legendary Edition with no red sky and a lot of lens flare. Granted, we’re making a judgement based on two screenshots, but we’re hoping this remastered version of the trilogy isn’t less atmospheric than the original.

You can judge for yourself when Mass Effect Legendary Edition is released on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, with forward compatiblity for current gen consoles. In the meantime, you can watch the reveal trailer below.

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