Medieval GTA Rustler is Out Now in Early Access


Rustler – or Grand Theft Horse – is out now in Early Access. And, if causing carnage on Medieval streets sounds up your alley, it’s well worth checking out.

Developer Jutsu Games – the team behind 911 Operator – has taken the classic top-down formula of the first Grand Theft Auto and transferred it into a whole new setting. A whole new era, actually. Rather than being a trouble-causer on the streets of a modern city, Rustler casts you as a medieval thug. Instead of stealing cars, you’ll be stealing horses – which, yes, you can still spraypaint to escape the law.

Naturally, then, Rustler doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you’re looking for a historically accurate experience, you won’t find it here. Rustler is all about having fun; it’s packed with cheeky humour – expect to find crudely-drawn graffiti penises etched into the back of wooden road signs, for example.


Granted, we didn’t live in Medieval times but I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t quite like Rustler‘s interpretation. Towns are shaped like modern cities, complete with road signs (made out of wood) and zebra crossings made out of sticks.

It makes for a fine setting for a tongue-in-cheek game like Rustler, though. GTA was never designed to be serious, and neither is this. There’s more than a sprinkling of Monty Python here, and it shows. The live-action teaser that acts as an introduction to the game sets the mood perfectly, in fact:

We previewed Rustler back when it was in pre-alpha stage, and were impressed what it had to offer then: “Rustler has a lot of promise and, even in its this early incarnation, I had a lot of fun with it. Roaming around with my own personal bard, minus the sexual tension of Netflix’s The Witcher, never got old.”

Now, in Early Access, there’s a lot more content available. It’s fully playable, with “all the crucial features implemented”. Over the next six or so months while it remains in Early Access, Rustler will receive additional quests, new weapons and vehicles (aka horses) and, of course, ongoing improvements and optimisations. But basically, if you want to jump into the Early Access version, you’ll be getting a practically full-featured game. Pick it up before 25th February, and you’ll get a 15% discount, too.

If you like causing trouble, having fun, and the idea of stealing a Medieval bard’s trusty steed appeals to you, give Rustler a go.