Mortal Shell is Getting a Next Gen Upgrade

Mortal Shell review

Action-RPG Mortal Shell is getting a next-gen upgrade next week.

This gloomy combat game isn’t, despite the name, a follow-up to Fight Crabthough, like a hermit crab, you regularly change your place of residence. Your ‘husk’ inhabits multiple bodies, possessing the fallen warrior until they take too much damage, at which point you’re left roaming around in your vulnerable one-hit-kill form.

And now, your plight is set to get even prettier, which the release of a next-gen console upgrade for the body-swapping game.


As of March, you’ll be able to download an enhanced PS5 and Xbox Series S/X version of the game, which will add enhanced textures and 60FPS gameplay. The new version will be free to those who’ve already purchased it on Xbox One or PS4 or if you’ve yet to dive into Mortal Shell you can purchase it digitally.

Unsure whether to take the plunge? You can read our review here. We praised its world and boss fights, but remarked that it needed a lot more polish. If you already have Mortal Shell, the upgrade will be available completely free. Everyone else will be able to purchase it for £24.99 from 4th March.

Watch the Enhanced Edition trailer below.