No Man’s Sky’s New Companions Update Is Out Now

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky’s latest update gives you some adorable animal pets to play with!

Dubbed the ‘Companions’ update, it lets you not only play with alien animals but you can also breed them, ride larger ones and issue them commands. So, basically, animal slavery. Creator Sean Murray announced the details via Twitter:

Huge, huge ethical issues aside, this new update also improves Playstation 4 load times and UI tweaks. Unfortunately, you can’t (yet) ride a sandworm, so your Dune fantasies will have to wait. However, it’s still quite an accomplishment given the update is entirely free; other companies would charge an arm and a leg for this content.

That said, the one piece of content we’re craving is the ability to buy and pilot huge space battlecruisers; yes, you can buy big ships, but they can’t be piloted once you’re in orbit, they’re essentially mobile bases. We want to be able to to warp into a system and turn out beam cannons on a hapless freighter or accidentally get too close to a planet and smash our ship into the surface.

No Man’s Sky’s Companions update is available right now and should auto-download when you next start the game.

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