Numskull Presents Reveals RICO London and More

Numskull Games has revealed a slew of games launching in 2021 during its second Numskull Presents virtual event.

RICO London leads the pack, sequel to the 2019 fast-paced, first-person shooter. Playable solo or in co-op with a friend, it will challenge players to work their way through procedurally generated levels as they attempt to tackle the notorious gangs of London. Set for launch in June on PC and consoles, it promises plenty of ass-kicking, slo-mo filled action.

Another title that has piqued our interest is Battle Axe. A top-down hack and slash adventure inspired by titles of the 80s and 90s, it’s sure to scratch that retro itch while also impressing with its painstakingly created visuals. It’s set to launch this April on PC and consoles, and features a soundtrack composed by legendry video game music composer Manami Matsumae.


Aside from totally new games, Numskull also announced that it’s bringing both Bladed Fury and Iris.Fall to Switch and PS4 following their successful releases on Steam. They’ll be available, physically and digitally, in March and April respectively. And on the subject of physical games, Brigandine – The Legend of Runersia fans will be happy to hear will be happy to hear that Numskull is launching a multiple physical editions of the game this April with new contents.

Watch the Numskull Presents presentation below for more information about its upcoming releases, and also perhaps win yourself a copy of Deadly Premonition Origins signed by SWERY. The competition is open until Monday 22nd February, so don’t dilly-dally.