2Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

Pretty much renowned as one of the more terrifying characters in survival horror is Pyramid Head. He first makes an appearance in Silent Hill 2 just standing on the other side of some bars staring at the protagonist as if to say, “We’ll meet up soon.” In one of the first boss battles you have with him, you’re confined in a small room. You have to dodge Pyramid Head’s attacks, hitting him with your puny handgun, just hoping that you’re doing enough damage to escape with your life.

During the rest of the game you’ll continue to run into Pyramid Head chasing you down a hallway, following you through the sewers and more. His final boss battle has you fighting more than one Pyramid Head at the same time, which is perhaps the most horrifying thing we can think of. We don’t think Pyramid Head will ever not scare us.

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