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Sega Has Announced Total Warhammer III

Total Warhammer III

Sega have announced that Total Warhammer III is on the way and have given us a trailer to tide us over.

Total Warhammer III or, to take a leaf out of Disney’s book, Sega’s Games Workshop’s Total War: Total Warhammer III, is the third in the fantasy  strategy series, based in the Warhammer universe. It’s being crafted by Creative Assembly who, though best known for Alien Isolation, have been working on the Total War series for some time.

It will feature “iconic new races from the World of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, including the video-game debut of Kislev and Cathay alongside the factions of ChaosKhorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch.” If you’re a Warhammer fan, you’ll know exactly who those entities are and, if not, it’ll sound like someone clearing their throat.

But if you’ve got a taste for pitching fantasy armies against each other, or if you’ve ever watched Lord of the Rings’s battle scenes and thought you could to better, this fantasy strategy game should be right up your street. We reviewed Total Warhammer, noting that the “Warhammer elements infuse some much-needed life”, and we’re eager to see if this second sequel delivers the experience we wanted from the original.

Total Warhammer III doesn’t have a solid release date but will be arriving for PC some time in 2021, available through Steam and the Epic Game Store. You can whet your appetite for Warhammer slaughter by watching the announce trailer below.

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