Silent Hill Is Coming to Horror Party Game Monsters and Mortals

Craving a new Silent Hill game? Tough. Here’s some Silent Hill DLC for Monsters and Mortals.

Okay, that’s a little harsh. We’ve nothing against Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals and, going by the Steam reviews, it’s a fun little multiplayer humans vs monsters game. It’s already received a guest monster from Monstrum so, like Dead By Daylight (which also sports Silent Hill content) it seems like a decent fit for Konami’s survival horror series.

The Monster & Mortals Twitter account confirmed that Silent Hill would be putting in an appearance, though they’ve yet to state which monsters or humans will crop up. Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head seems an obvious choice, followed by Heather from Silent Hill 3, with a few zombie nurses thrown in for good measure.


But we’re still left craving a ‘proper’ Silent Hill game and seeing the series relegated to downloadable content rankles especially since, after Konami recently amalgamated their studios, the chance of Silent Hill ever being resurrected seems dim. Still, if you do want a little more Silent Hill in your life, this might be your best et.

There’s no release date for the Silent Hill DLC as yet but you can check out Monsters & Mortals on Steam.