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World of Warcraft has been around for a very long time.

And while Blizzard has perfected the game in many ways, there’s still an endless amount of ways that it could be improved. And that’s where add-ons come in. Add-ons are the community’s way of helping make World of Warcraft better. Sure, we all love the game, but wouldn’t it be great if we could customise it in ways that Blizzard has never been able to give us?

There are some really great add-ons out there, some of which we’ve tried personally and can’t live without. If you’re on the lookout for some of the best, we’ve got you covered. These are all add-ons that work with Shadowlands so don’t worry about them being out of date. Here are six great add-ons for World of Warcraft.


Almost every enemy in World of Warcraft drops stuff. Meat, teeth, scrolls, fur – you name it, they drop it. And it can get pretty difficult to keep all that stuff organised. Especially when you’ve got five different bags and you can’t remember where you put that one thing you really need. Did you accidentally sell that important jewel you wanted to put in the auction house because it ended up in the “sell” bag?

Well, no more mix-ups my friends! The Bagnon add-on is a great way to keep your bags (or should we say bag) more organised. It essentially combines all of your bags together into one big bag so you don’t have to open them all to find the thing you’re looking for. We like Bagnon because we can organise things exactly the way we want without the constraint of limited space.

World of Warcraft Bagnon


We won’t lie to you – GTFO is an add-on that we turn off and on depending on what we’re doing. If we’re just questing, we’ll turn it off because boy are the noise notifications loud but during dungeons we’ll turn it back on. GTFO essentially gives the player an audible alert if they’re standing in something that does damage to you. It gives the player great situational awareness and helps those that aren’t always able to pay attention to what’s happening under them.

The downside is that, as we said, the notifications are really loud so we exclusively use this add-on during dungeons and raids. Experienced players probably don’t need this add-on because they’re able to watch and follow what’s going on, but players that need a bit more help not stepping in acid will be hard-pressed to find a better add-on.

Deadly Boss Mods

Dead Boss Mods (DBM) is one of our absolute favourite mods for dungeons and raids. DBM does about everything you could want when you’re in a dungeon. Here are just some of the things DBM does for players (you can read the full list over on Curseforge): coloured raid warnings, auto-responses during boss fights, bars that can be enlarged, special effects like screen flashes and tonnes more.

While pro World of Warcraft players might not need Deadly Boss Mods, we know loads of players use it just because of its convenience. And it’s constantly being updated so you never have to worry about what you need not being included in the add-on. It is definitely one of the best add-ons for World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Deadly Boss Mods


This add-on is a popular one among tanks and DPS players who like to see how much damage they’re putting out during dungeons and raids. The add-on tracks statistics so you can see how well everyone in your group is performing. You can change the colour and textures of the bars that are displayed to customise the add-on to your liking.

What’s really great about Details! – other than the fact that you can challenge your friends to see who’s putting out the most damage – is that it lets you see how much damage you’re doing so that you can improve. Didn’t do as well as you thought the first time through the dungeon? Go all out the second time and let Details! cheer you on. It’s a truly great World of Warcraft add-on.


Our personal favourite World of Warcraft add-on on this list is Hekili. Hekili is basically your own personal helper when it comes to what button you should press next while you’re playing. You might consider this cheating, but we think of it as the helpful AI in our ear. Hekili basically makes recommendations that predict several steps in the future and tell you which abilities you might like to use in which order.

What’s great about this add-on, other than the fact that it literally tells you what buttons to press, is that after you’ve been using it for a while, you won’t need it anymore. It’s like a mamma bird feeding its baby; after a few weeks you’ll be jumping from the nest all on your own. Thank you mamma Hekili, you wonderfully great World of Warcraft add-on.

World of Warcraft Hekili

World Quest Tracker

At a certain point during your heroic adventures you’re going to want to start taking on World Quests. World Quests often give you great gear that you wouldn’t be able to attain otherwise. But there’s a lot of world quests out there. Handfuls on every continent. So that’s where World Quest Tracker comes in handy.

World Quest Tracker gives players a custom tracker so you can manage the quests you want to do and it organises those quests based on what the rewards are. If you’re looking for quests that give you reputation, you can see all of them in one place. Looking for gear? World Quest Tracker will tell you which ones will reward you with gear. It’s an all-around great World of Warcraft add-on to save you some valuable time.

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