Terminator: Resistance Enhanced Has Been Delayed

Terminator: Resistance

Terminator: Resistance won’t be back just yet. The enhanced Playstation 5 release of this licenced first person shooter has been delayed.

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced as pencilled in for a March release date but, instead, will be released this April 30th. Enhanced is a special Playstation 5 version of the original game which has been upgraded to take advantage of the PS5’s processing power and other features. It will also sport a ‘infiltrator mode’ where you play as a Terminator and take on the human resistance.

Publishers Reef Entertainment Tweeted out news of the delay, adding:

We know you are all very excited to experience the game on the PlayStation®5, and we’ll have more updates and teasers for you in the coming weeks.

The company gave no reason for the delay; perhaps Terminator: Resistance Enhanced needs a little extra work, as can sometimes be the case. Playstation 5 owners who purchased Resistance on the Playstation 4 will get the upgrade for free. A balance upgrade will also be rolling out to Playstation 4 and Xbox One players though it appears there’s no enhanced Xbox Series S/X version in the works.

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