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Tales from the Borderlands GOTY

The Delisted Tales from the Borderlands Is Getting a Re-Release

After being delisted two years ago, Tales from the Borderlands is back!

Tales from the Borderlands is an adventure game from Telltale Games, based in the same universe as Gearbox’s Borderlands games, featuring two very unreliable narrators and a whole host of sci-fi shenanigans. However, when Telltale Games shut down in 2018, many of their games ended up being delisted due to rights and publishing issues.

Tales from the Borderlands was one such title, removed from all digital stores, the only way to get your hands on it was to buy it on disc or to have purchased it digitally before the shutdown, in which case you’d be able to re-download it. But next week it’s  back, as announced on the latest episode of The Borderlands Show.

So is worth having? We’d certainly say so. We gave it an outstanding 9 out of 10 when we reviewed the complete season back in 2016. We called it TellTale Games at its very best”. So just how is it being republished if the original Telltale are no more? There’s a new Telltale Games but they’re Telltale in name only, and haven’t automatically got the rights to Telltale’s previous properties.

The answer seems to be that, this time around, Tales is being published by 2K Games who also publish the Borderlands games, meaning the rights issue are non-existent. There’s no word as to whether the people who worked on the original, and lost their jobs when Telltale went under, are being compensated.

So, as of February 17th, you’ll be able to buy Tales from the Borderlands once more on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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