The Mystery of Resident Evil Village’s Tall Vampire Lady Has Been Solved

After much speculation, the mystery of Resident Evil Village’s Tall Vampire Lady has been solved.

Tall Vampire Lady, or Lady Dimitrescu as she’s formally known, has captured the attention of the internet ever since her presence in Resident Evil Village was first revealed.

Many, many questions have been asked about her. How tall is she? Is she truly a vampire? Is she Resident Evil Village’s Mr X? Is Lady Dimitrescu going to be Village’s big bad, or is she just a stepping stone to a more formidable foe? If I ask nicely, will she step on me?


But now, artist Brandon B has drawn aside the dress to reveal that Tall Vampire Lady is, in fact, two women in a big dress. And, from the looks of things, the woman on the bottom has got the worse deal out of this arrangement.

This has yet to be confirmed by Capcom but we’ve frequently asserted that Resident Evil 2’s Mr X is really two zombies in a trenchcoat and that Nemesis is three shaved badgers in a bunch of bin-bags. So if this isn’t canon, we’ll eat Lady Dimitrescu’s hat.

You can find Brandon B’s portfolio here.

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