The Teacher in Little Nightmares II Might Just Be the Scariest Thing Ever

We’ve all been scared of our teachers.

Think back to when you were a wee child. Everyone had a teacher that they were afraid of. If you were lucky enough to love all your teachers, good for you. But more often than not, there’s always one teacher that everyone is afraid of. All adults are scary when you’re a kid, but an adult that has a direct connection to your parents and can tell them if you did something bad? Not to mention they can embarrass you in front of all of your friends. Talk about a nightmare.

And that’s partially what makes The Teacher in Little Nightmares II so spine-tinglingly horrifying. That, and the fact that she can stretch her neck beyond a fathomable length. After all, your character is so small and helpless and this antagonist is large and in charge. Make one mistake in the hallowed halls of her school, and you’re dead.

What makes The Teacher the worst of them all is the fact that she can see you, hear you and find you with her long, twisting neck no matter where you go. Hiding under a table? Watch her neck stretch under there no problem. Three storeys up and knock over a bottle? Guess who is using her creepy-ass giraffe neck to stretch up there and see who’s making all that racket?

The Teacher is the second big bad that you encounter when you start your horrific adventure in Little Nightmares II. You end up in the school and discover that she is in charge of “teaching” these terrifying little bully children made out of clay. They have no fear when it comes to the protagonist Mono, but when they’re in The Teacher’s classroom, they’re little angels.

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You just know that if The Teacher has the ability to subdue those horrifying devil children, then she’s definitely some kind of powerful entity. We’ll give her one thing, though; she’s got some talents. Not only is she teaching these freaky kids, she also seems to be in charge of the library, the lab, and she can even play piano. Not scary, but impressive. No one can say she isn’t multi-faceted.

During the final sequence with the teacher, she’s able to stretch her neck into a teeny tiny vent; possibly the only place that we were previously able to feel safe in the world of Little Nightmares. Not anymore; she just pushes her way in there easy.

Those cold, unblinking eyes on a face attached to that long neck truly makes The Teacher one of the scariest things about Little Nightmares II. Hell, maybe one of the scariest things we’ve ever laid eyes on. The fact she’s able to infiltrate vents, the one place we used to feel safe, is just the cherry on the cake. She’s a vision we’ll be seeing in our own nightmares for many months to come.

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