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The Worst Types of Fortnite Players

My friends and I have recently started playing a huge amount of Fortnite

Yes, I’m very late to the party, but the important thing is that I’ve finally turned up. And even jumping into Fortnite at such a late stage, it’s actually a cool game. There, I said it. But if you’re already playing it, you’ll already know that. And you’ll probably already know that there are lots of different kinds of players. 

There are the ones that try and avoid conflict; ones that jump into the fight right away; people that are really good at building. Perhaps more than any other game, there’s an endless amount of different players with different skill sets jumping in. 

But there are some Fortnite players that can’t go unnoticed. These are the players that you talk about after the game has ended. I’ve affectionately given them their own nicknames and I’m sure while reading through them, you’ll agree that they’re some of the worst (and best). 

The Architect

Possibly the scariest Fortnite player to go against in a one-on-one is The Architect. This is the person who has honed their building skills to the point where they can duck and dodge and defeat full teams all by themselves. 

Case in point: I recently came against a player with the Mandalorian sniper equipped (which has heat vision). He was by himself against our group of three and it came down to the final one-on-one. Just me and him. Little did I know that he was going to build a staircase and a safe sniping spot for himself. Luckily, I was equipped with enough shields to fend off his attacks and get the final shot. But his ability to build quickly and efficiently almost saved him as it has many players before him.

The Aggressor

Another scary player to go against is The Aggressor. This is the player that has murder on the brain as soon as they jump out of the bus. They probably land in a place that’s likely to have a lot of innocent players there struggling to find weapons. But somehow they know exactly where to find the good ones and go on the hunt as soon as they can. 

The Aggressor is at home in Rumble matches to be sure. Here they can hold a grudge against a player and kill them again and again. There are no rules in Rumble other than you respawn when you die, so The Aggressor is sure to love it there. You’ve been warned.

The One Who Prepares for the Apocalypse

I’ve come up against and lost against The One Who Prepares for the Apocalypse so many times and it is the most frustrating experience ever. These are the players that get very lucky right from the start. They grab a few really great weapons and then set up in a house or building and wait for other players to approach them. There’s not really anything you can do against The One Who Prepares for the Apocalypse other than hope that the circle pushes them out of their fortress. 

In the event that you do come up against a player using this tactic, my suggestion is to try and use grenades to knock down their structures. Or use your best stealth moves to sneak in without them knowing. Either way, be prepared for a good fight. Trust me; they’re ready for the apocalypse, and they’re certainly ready for you.


Baby Driver

The Baby Driver player is the player who sticks in the car and waits for their teammates to loot and shoot other players and then acts as the getaway driver. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting super close to killing a couple of players only to hear the screech of tyres as they run from the scene. 

Each group of players often has someone that they trust behind the wheel of a car (I am not one of them), so if you can take out their car or better yet, their driver, you’ve got yourself a good advantage. Just watch out for the aggressive Baby Drivers who use their driving skills to run you down before you can get a shot off.

The Silent But Deadly

My least favourite type of Fortnite player is The Silent But Deadly. Just like a good fart, this player is an expert at stealth. Anyone that’s able to sneak up on a team of four players and take them all out is a force to be reckoned with. The worst of them have snipers and hang out in Hunter’s Haven just waiting for an innocent passer-by to wander into their web.

Silent But Deadly players are also usually great with shotguns and sneak up behind unsuspecting players to take them out in one or two shots. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have someone in the group watching your back. I think the worst place to encounter one of these players is in the desert at the centre of the map. In this area you’ve got no place to take cover and while your enemy doesn’t have cover either, they’re probably much better at stealthing around in the sand than you are.

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