Zelda-Inspired Rack n Ruin is Available Now on Xbox One

Way way back in 2015, a simpler time for us all in many ways, a little game called Rack n Ruin dropped onto Steam and PS4.

Zelda-like in its design, Rack n Ruin had one key difference; rather than playing the hero, you actually take on the role of the evil Rack, a demon who loves nothing more than to destroy everything good about the world. Rack, with his giant horns and red cape, is the embodiment of villainhood, but it’s still hard not to get attached to him as you make your way through the game’s varied world.

It’s only taken six years, but Rack n Ruin is now available on Xbox. It released on Switch last year, and with last week’s Xbox One release, it’s now available across all formats. It’s about time.


We reviewed Rack n Ruin back in May 2015, applauding its old-school feel, great level design and wonderful artwork. It feels very much like A Link to the Past in many ways, but without ever being truly derivative.

Here’s what we had to say about it in our review:

“It’s clear that Rack n Ruin is abundant with classic adventure influences, but this is no cheap rip off. It has carefully taken all of those familiar elements of retro adventure games and RPGs and created something entirely new…”



“Rack n Ruin manages to balance the line between retro and modern very well; it generates all the right warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia without ever looking or feeling dated. The hand-drawn art style feels very crisp and clean, and is always pleasant to look at.”

High praise indeed. If this sounds like your sort of thing, it’s available on Xbox One (and Series X/S via backwards compatibility) for £10.74. You can also pick it up on PS4, Switch or PC.