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A 2,354 Piece LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery is Launching on 1st April

LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

This isn’t an April Fool’s; LEGO has today announced a huge NASA Space Shuttle Discovery model will be available from 1st April.

Comprising 2,354 pieces, the LEGO 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery is, unsurprisingly, an 18+ set. It’s a detailed recreation of the STS-31 mission which launched in April 1990 – a shuttle which carried the Hubble Telescope into space. So, quite an important spacecraft them.

The LEGO recreation of Discovery comes with a stand, along with a UCS-style plaque which provides some detail about the shuttle. Accompanying it is a model of the Hubble Telescope, complete with its own smaller informational plaque. The body of the shuttle opens up to allow you to store the telescope inside.

Fully-built, the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery is no small thing. It’s 55.46cm in length, 34.6cm wide and 21.78cm tall. You’ll need a good bit of display space for this one, then, but if you happen to have any of LEGO’s previous Space-themed sets, it’ll make a fantastic addition.

It comes fully-featured with lots of details, too. There’s a functional landing gear, and realistic payload bay doors, complete with reflective stickers that represent the cooling radiators. At the back of the shuttle, you’ll find a number of engines. There are the three main ones, used to send Discovery into orbit, and smaller engines which help the shuttle manoeuvre while in space.

Inside, you’ll find a flight deck and mid-deck, complete with seats for the astronauts, and a robotic arm control panel. Unfortunately it’s not minifig scale, though, so you won’t find any NASA minifigures included.

LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery will be available from 1st April, priced at £169.99. For more information, visit the LEGO.com store page. See more pictures below.

LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

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