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Post-Apocalyptic Card RPG Wastenauts Arrives on Kickstarter

Wastenauts, a PC-based post-apocalyptic card role-playing game (try saying that when you’re on the gin), has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Developed by Razbury games, it’s described as a ‘card crawler’, set in a post-apocalyptic future where professional scavengers comb the wasteland for anything that will keep their civilisation’s floating cities in the air. As you do.

Right now it’s early days for the title, and for the Kickstarter too; though having reached 25% of its target in two days it looks like it’s going to be get funded. The developers state that while the can be played solo, the game is intended to be a co-op experience with up to four players; after all, if the cities all smash into the ground, everyone loses.

There are two phases in Wastenauts’s day, Exploration and Camp and, when you’re ready to return to your city with your salvage, you have to face down a boss. Losing won’t result in your death; instead, you return to your city empty handed though, in the long run, that won’t be doing anyone any favours.

The game is set to be heavily card-based, as its ‘card crawler’ label suggests and, since the flying cities only come along every so often, there’ll be pressure to grab what you can before you have to depart. There’s a while to wait till Wastenauts becomes a reality; the game is pencilled in for a 2023 release.

If Wastenauts sounds right up your bullet-pocked, irradiated street you can back the Kickstarter right now. 

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