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Fallout 76 content map

Bethesda Has Unveiled Fallout 76’s Latest Content Map

Bethesda has revealed Fallout ’76’s next four ‘seasons’.

No, we don’t know why they’ve taken to calling it seasons; we blame Fortnite. We blame Fortnite for everything, in fact. But if you’re playing Fallout ’76, Bethesda’s latest, online-only, entry in the Fallout series, you’ve got some new content to look forward to.

The four content drops, listed in the order they’ll appear are:

  • Locked & Loaded (Spring)
  • Steel Reign (Summer)
  • World are Changing (Fall)
  • Tales from the Stars (Winter)

You can find full details at Bethesda’s site, but there are a few features that jump out at us, so much so that we’re tempted to dip back into Fallout 76, despite not having touched it in ages. Steel Reign, in particular, offers all new NPCs and quests, tied into techno-hoarders  the Brotherhood of Steel. Tales from the Stars also looks promising and is set to introduce aliens into the wasteland; as long as can get our hands on an alien ray gun, we’re happy.

Fallout ’76 has been heavily, heavily updated since its disappointing release and, though we’d still rather have a single-player Fallout game, it’s starting to resemble something that’s fit to be called Fallout. And, with this influx of new content, it looks like Bethesda’s not about to abandon it any time soon.

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