Borderland 3’s Director’s Cut DLC Will Introduce Diamond Keys


“Ah shit, here we go again.” That’s the exact meme that popped into our heads when we heard about Borderland 3’s “Diamond Keys”.

Because, let’s face it, calling something “Diamond Keys”, if you’re not gamesmastering a Dungeons and Dragons game, is a huge red flag. You might as well stand on a table and yell “MICROTRANSACTIONS! COME AND GET YER LUVVLY MICROTRANSACTIONS AND LOOTBOXES RIGHT HERE!”

But, as it turns out, Borderland 3’s Diamond Keys, available only through the game’s Director’s Cut DLC aren’t loot boxes or microtransactions. Yet. Developers Gearbox have a guide page up about this new feature, explaining that Diamond Keys are earned by holding a Vault Card (another feature new to the Director’s Cut DLC) and completing challenges.


You can then use the diamond keys to unlock diamond rooms which give you a selection of special loot though you can only grab one, before the shutters come down and you’re left to live with your selection.

“At this time, Vault Cards can only be accessed by owning the Director’s Cut add-on, and can’t be purchased individually or separately,” advises the guide. At this time doesn’t exclude the possibility of Vault Cards or Diamond Keys becoming purchasable items but so far it looks like these features exist to encourage you to buy the Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut DLC, which arrives on all platforms this April 8th, and maintain engagement with the game.

So we (and CJ) were wrong. But if anything changes, like if Randy Pitchford needs to cover the cost of losing another USB stick, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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