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Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear

Build-a-Bear is Launching an Animal Crossing Range

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Of all the things we miss with the shops being shut, going to Build-a-Bear wasn’t one of them. Now the company has announced an Animal Crossing collection the lockdown can’t end soon enough.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, we’d still choose staying alive over getting our hands on a fluffy Isabelle toy. But the announcement that the make-your-own-teddy company has the Animal Crossing license has motivated us enough to discover where our nearest Build-a-Bear store is.

It’s not clear just which Animal Crossing characters will be coming to Build-a-Bear; Isabelle seems like an obvious choice, as does Tom Nook, even though he’s the absolute worst. K.K. Slider should also get a look in though since Build-a-Bear also sells outfits for their bears, we wouldn’t be surprised if you could end up being able to stick Isabelle’s clothes on standard bears. In fact, it’s possible that the ‘collection’ is just a range of Animal Crossing clothing rather than the characters themselves.

There’s no word on when Isabelle and friends will arrive. Plus, Build-a-Bear can be a little pricey; for example, it’ll cost you £5 for a tiny bear T-Shirt. So if you’re an Animal Crossing completist and plan on getting every single piece of Animal Crossing merchandise the company produces, you’ll might end up having to sell a kidney.

But hey, it’s what Tom Nook would want.

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