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Bullet Hell Shooter Godstrike is Coming to Switch and PC

Godstrike isn’t, as it turns out, about a deity throwing down his tools because he’s discovered just how awful humanity can be.

Instead, it’s a bullet hell shooter which cast in a “Herald of Galactus” style role, except Galactus is an angry drunk. The twist is that time is both your health and your score, so the more you mess about dodging and not murdering enemies, the sooner your character will expire.

Another surprise is that it’s not a vertical or horizontal scroller, instead you have freedom to roam the field of play, in so much as you can move without being annihilated by one of the  many, many, projectiles coming your way. There’s an arcade mode and also a challenge mode, with the option for Twitch viewers to influence boss battles which, depending on your viewers, could be the best thing ever or a horrible, horrible mistake. Upgrades are also available, prolonging your life a little though going by the trailer, which you can see above, Godstrike is going to be pretty taxing.

Godstrike is set to launch on April 15th, on the Nintendo Switch and PC, with a 20% discount for launch purchasers.

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