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It Takes Two

Can You Play It Takes Two Solo in Single Player?

Hazelight’s latest game, It Takes Two, is here, and it’s all about a couple trying to fix their relationship.

Like A Way OutIt Takes Two is about two protagonists who must work together to overcome a number of obstacles. It’s designed to be played in co-op – but can you play it in single player? Here’s what you need to know.

Unfortunately, you can’t play It Takes Two in single player. It’s 100% co-op only.

But don’t worry: there are a couple of different ways to play It Takes Two in co-op. If you have a friend or family member in the same room as you, you can play together on the same system. You’ll of course need a controller each, and most of the game takes place in split-screen.

However, purchasing the game also grants you a ‘friend pass’, which allows you to play with someone even if they don’t own the game. That means you can team up with a friend anywhere in the world; simply invite them to your game and they’ll be able to play along.

It Takes Two doesn’t have online matchmaking, however. You’ll need to play with someone on your friends list; there’s no option to find a random player. It’s a game best played with someone you know well, though, so choose a friend and go have fun.

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