Check Out the London Games Festival 2021 Line-Up

London Games Festival

The 6th London Games Festival now has an official games selection and it looks rather cool.

The London Games Festival 2021 is online, naturally, and takes place from the 19th to 28th of March. It features 40 different games as well as showcases, documentaries and much, much more. The full line-up is below, minus one game still to be announced:

  • A Musical Story: The Road To Pinewood by Glee-Cheese (France)
  • Acolyte by Superstring (UK)
  • Aerial Knight’s Never Yield by Aerial Knight (USA)
  • Aeon Drive by 2Awesome (The Netherlands / Spain)
  • Antstream Arcade by Antstream (UK)
  • Beard Defence by Jolly Good (UK)
  • CityClick by Lost Native (UK)
  • Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark by Spooky Doorway (Ireland)
  • Dead Man’s Phone by Electric Noir (UK)
  • Didim by Twohands Interactive (South Korea)
  • Do Not Buy This Game by Kingblade Games (Israel)
  • Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins by Maze Theory (UK)
  • Drive Buy by GLITCHERS (UK)
  • Duality by Biome Collective (UK)
  • Genesis Noir by Feral Cat Den (USA)
  • Going Medieval by Foxy Voxel (Serbia)
  • Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator by Broken Arms (Italy)
  • Innchanted by DragonBear (Australia)
  • King of Seas by 3DCloud (Italy)
  • Legend of Keepers by Goblinz Studio (France)
  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page by Sketchbook Games (UK)
  • Murder by Numbers by Mediatonic (UK)
  • Ping Pong Fury Yakuto (UK)
  • Puerto Viejo Bocata Games (UK)
  • Puzzle Heist Hutch (UK)
  • Star Hunter DX 1CC Games (UK)
  • Tandem: A Tale of Shadows by Monochrome (France)
  • The Companion by Studio 46 (USA)
  • The Wandering Village by Stray Fawn Studio (Switzerland)
  • Theropods by Lost Token (UK)
  • This is Reality by ScribbleScape (UK)
  • TOEM by Something We Made (Sweden)
  • Tunche by Leap Games (Peru)
  • Underdogs by Moonbear (UK)
  • Vahn’s Quest by (South Korea)
  • Waver by Buried Things (UK)
  • Wild Planet by Lukyantsev Company (Switzerland)
  • WildMeta (UK)
  • Zombieland: Headshot Fever by XR Games (UK)

That’s a lot of games to look forward to. And going down the list, there are a few that have grabbed our attention. Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator sounds fascinating; who doesn’t want to run a vineyard? And Stray Fawn Studio’s The Wandering Village sees you  manage a village on the back of a giant roaming creature. Of course, if you’re a Doctor Who fan, then FMV-based Weeping Angel game Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is one to watch too.


No doubt other titles will catch our eye and all forty games should get a look in, whether they’re fully demoed or just appear as trailers. Games aside, we’re thoroughly excited for LGF’s interview with horror maestro John Carpenter.

The shows, reveals and so forth will be viewable via YouTube so you can ‘visit’ the festival from the comfort of your own chair. You can find out more at the official London Games Festival website here.