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Clockwork Aquario

Clockwork Aquario is a Resurrected Cutesy Platformer

Clockwork Aquario is a long-lost, recently restored action platformer.. isn’t it?

That was the question going through our heads when we first read Clockwork Aquario’s press release. There’ve been more than a few ‘rediscovered’ platformers and we half-wondered if Aquario wasn’t in fact a new title that was riffing on the idea of long lost unpublished games.

But no, this pixel-platformer was kicking around in 1992, albeit in a partially completed state. It was originally destined for arcades but tested poorly, allegedly because you can’t choke someone to death with their own spine. But now, thanks to ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games, it’s been restored and is getting a physical and digital release.

From the creator of Wonderboy, Clockwork Aquario has you crossing a colourful landscape, stomping on the heads of enemies as one of three playable protagonists, then hurling them at other foes. It resembles a mash-up of Rainbow Islands and Super Mario Bros 2 with a tiny dash of Sonic the Hedgehog thrown in and, despite its arcade origins, doesn’t look like its murderously tough.

Clockwork Aquario will be arriving on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch later this year but, right now, you can pre-order some of the physical editions, some of which have sold out already. Let’s hope Aquario knocks it out of the park, otherwise owning a £120 collector’s edition statue could be embarrassing.

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