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Hands-On With Dead by Daylight’s Newest Killer and Survivor, The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee

Dead by Daylight All-Kill

Two new characters are dropping into Dead by Daylight soon.

Behaviour Interactive has just launched the new killer and survivor – The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee – into Dead by Daylight‘s PTB (player test build). Naturally, we had to log in and see what all the fuss is about.

Both characters have incredible designs and well thought-out backstories. Their abilities don’t impress us as much as we’d like, but the upcoming All-Kill add-on looks to be pretty darn cool. Here’s what we think of them.

Survivor: Yun-Jin Lee

Yun-Jin Lee had always been a music fanatic. After being rejected as a singer, she still managed to squeeze her way into the industry. She worked with an unpopular boy band named NO SPIN and to try and help the band’s popularity she brought in Ji-Woon Hak who had a unique sound. One day when they were recording an album, a fire broke out in the studio. Yun-Jin Lee helped as many people as she could to evacuate the building until realising that not a single member of NO SPIN was among the crowd.

The only surviving member was Ji-Woon Hak. Refusing to let this devastating loss be her downfall, Yun-Jin Lee launched Ji-Woon Hak’s solo-album to much success. As a string of murders suspiciously began happening in each of the locations of Ji-Woon’s performances she realised that her star might actually be the one doing the killings, but she wasn’t sure. In spite of this, she refused to give up on her career. One day, when Ji-Woon was meant to present a new song to the executives of his record company, a fog filled the room causing everyone to cough and convulse. Ji-Woon Hak began slashing and torturing the executives, leaving her to watch. She writhed, angry at herself for letting this happen. But when a dense new fog entered the room, she smiled and was welcomed into the realm of the entity.

  • Fast Track: Whenever another survivor is hooked, gain one token. You consume all tokens after a great skill check on a generator. Each token consumed grants a 1% bonus progression for great skill checks when repairing generators.
  • Smash Hit: After stunning the killer with a pallet, break into a sprint at 150% your normal running speed for 3 seconds. Causes the exhausted status effect for 60 seconds. This perk can not be used when exhausted.
  • Self-Preservation: Whenever another survivor within 12 metres of you gets hit by a basic attack or a special attack, Self-Preservation activates. Your scratch marks are hidden for 6 seconds.
First Impressions

We’re not that impressed with Yun-Jin Lee’s abilities. None of her three abilities are anything new or special, apart from Fast Track which seems pretty pointless. Smash Hit is very similar to Lithe, but worse because you have to stun the killer to get that speed bonus. And Self-Preservation also doesn’t seem particularly useful because if a killer has just hit someone it is likely they’ll be chasing after them not you so there would be no point in concealing your scratch marks.

Until players are able to get in the game and pair these abilities with others, it’s hard to say whether or not they work or if they’re the most unsatisfying group of survivor perks we’ve ever had.

Killer: The Trickster

Ji-Woon Hak had always been an attention seeker for as long as he could remember. After years of hard work he ended up in Yun-Jin Lee’s band NO SPIN, but he hated sharing the spotlight with the other members. After taking a lunch break Ji-Woon came back to the NO SPIN recording studio as it caught fire. He found that his band mates were trapped behind a door that was blocked by speakers. He could easily have moved the speakers and saved the men trapped inside, but instead something clicked. Just as he was about to move them he heard the band screaming his name and he slowly backed away.

From then on, Ji-Woon was celebrated as a tragic figure who lost his bandmates in a horrible accident. Ji-Woon, obsessed with the sounds of their screaming decided he wanted to incorporate more screaming into his now thriving music career. To do that, he’d have to pick out victims to torture and record. After a while it was decided that Ji-Woon’s work was too strange and he would have three months to pitch a new song to his recording company that could be a hit. Instead, he plotted their deaths. When they all got together gas filled the room, Ji-Woon tortured the men leaving Yun-Jin to watch. Just as he was about to give Yun-Jin the most beautiful death, the fog emerged and pulled him into the realm of the entity.

Dead by Daylight All-Kill Killer

  • Power: Showstopper – Start with 60 blades. Press and hold the power button to wind up and enter the throw state. While in the throw state, tap the attack button to throw a single blade or hold down the attack button to unleash a flurry of blades. Throwing a flurry increases control and throw rate while decreasing movement speed. You can restock blades at lockers.
  • Laceration meter: A survivor’s laceration meter increases each time they’re hit by a blade. Once the meter is filled, they will lose a health state, either becoming injured or downed. A survivor’s laceration meter will gradually decrease if they have need been hit by a blade for a short time. Hitting a survivor with a basic attack will immediately decrease their laceration meter.
  • Special Ability: Main Event – Each blade hit fills the event meter. One full, Main Event can be activated by pressing the ability button. In this mode, The Trickster temporarily unleashes his full potential. Wielding an unlimited number of blades, his throw rate is significantly increased and his movement speed does not slow while in the throw state.
  • Starstruck: Starstruck activates when you are carrying a survivor. Survivors within your terror radius suffer from the exposed status effect for 20 seconds. Starstruck cools down for 90 seconds once a survivor is no longer carried.
  • Hex: Crowd Control: The entity blocks a window for 10 seconds after a survivor performs a rushed vault through it.
  • No Way Out: Each time you hook a survivor, No Way Out gains a token. When the last generator is repaired, the entity blocks both gate switches for 8 seconds for each token in your possession.
First impressions

We love the look of The Trickster and we can see a lot of awesome cosmetics in his future. And his power is really fun to use. Being able to just throw a bunch of blades really quickly is great fun. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell how close you are to downing a survivor via your blades. Same goes for the survivor. There isn’t really any indication how close you are to getting downed by the blades.

When it comes to his perks, we love the idea of No Way Out. Similar to Blood Warden which blocks the exits, killers are almost guaranteed to have a couple of tokens of No Way Out by the end of the game. It gives killers just a few more seconds to kill the survivors who are about the escape. Hex: Crowd Control can be really good against survivors that like to look. We can’t see ourselves using Starstruck that often, but we’re sure experienced killers already have plans for this cheeky ability.

New characters usually drop about two weeks or so after they are released on the PTB so look out for the new All-Kill add-on content for Dead by Daylight in mid-March.

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