Death End Re;Quest Is Arriving on the Nintendo Switch

Death end re;Quest

Death End Re;Quest, which last saw the light of day on PC and PS4, is getting a Nintendo Switch release.

It has you carrying out investigations in the real-world while engaging in turn-based combat and other RPG-related shenanigans in a virtual world. Protagonist Arata Mizunashi gets a message from a missing colleague who’s somehow become trapped in the game so it’s up to her to so sort the whole mess out.

There’s a particularly eerie note to events in that her colleague was working on an MMORPG and, right now, he’s the only active player. Sound familiar? It’s a premise that’s been employed by a couple of short horror games but Re;Quest makes it the backbone of the entire title; think Sword Art Online meets Phoenix Wright.


At least, that’s the theory, and maybe you’re champing at the bit to play Death End Re;Quest on Nintendo Switch, particularly since it comes with all the previous DLC. But we weren’t all that impressed when we reviewed the PS4 version. We said that “passionate RPG lovers may overlook Death end re;Quest’s faults and see an ambitious title” but we weren’t impressed and gave it a middling 5/10.

Still, if you’re a hardcore JRPG fan, you might have a different take on Death End Re;Quest when it hits the Nintendo Switch this April 27th.