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Deathloop’s New “Explained” Trailer Leaves Us With Questions

Deathloop has a new trailer that explains the upcoming time-looping first-person shooter.

Well, it sort of explains things, and it does make us all the more eager to get our hands on the game, but we’ve still got a few questions. The trailer shows the four time chunks the game takes place in and the four districts you can visit during each game’s loop. In order to escape the time loop your character is trapped in you need to kill eight assassins, but these assassins change districts throughout the game. So you could find that, as is the case with Hitman, some targets could be together at the same time.

You will have the freedom to roam and you can earn special abilities, which should make it easier to kill all eight targets before the day ends. Fail to get all eight and the day resets; the key to success is replaying Deathloop till you have the knowledge to kill all your foes.. However, we still have a few questions, questions such as:

  • Can you speedrun it in one setting, even if your character has only experienced one loop?
  • How will the game tell its story when you can be anywhere at any time?
  • When you’ve finished it, can you choose to restart the loop?

No doubt we’ll get some of these answers when Deathloop launches this May 21st on Playstation 5 and PC. You can check out the “Deathloop Explained” trailer below.

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