Does Evil Genius 2 Have Controller Support?

Evil Genius 2

Out now on PC, Evil Genius 2 allows players to become evil and plot world domination. But can you do that with a controller, or is it strictly keyboard and mouse?

Most simulation/strategy games in the same vein as Evil Genius 2 are strictly keyboard-and-mouse controlled. There are a lot of options, a lot of clicking and dragging, and a lot of flicking between menus. So using a mouse makes the most sense. However, Evil Genius 2 does offer full controller support for those who prefer to play their games that way.

It’s a surprising but pleasant option to find in a game like this, even if using a controller isn’t the most natural way to play.


Plug your controller into your PC and you’ll find Evil Genius 2‘s user interface change slightly. The panel buttons on the bottom of the screen disappear, instead being compiled into one menu that can be accessed with the ‘Y’ button. Tilting the left thumbstick moves the camera and the right rotates and pans it. Pressing them in pauses and speeds up time.

Getting used to using a controller with Evil Genius 2 might take a little bit of doing, especially if you’ve already played with keyboard and mouse first. But the inputs feel natural and intuitive. And if you don’t like the default button mapping, you can change them to whatever works best for you by visiting the options menu.