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Five Great Books Based on Video Games

Who doesn’t love a good book?

Players that pick up video games for a good story are probably also able to appreciate a good book. We love the way that stories twist and turn and allow us to create the imagery in our minds. But what if our favourite video game worlds and characters got new stories? Or even had their old stories told with a bit more detail? Video game novelisations are a popular genre and there are thousands of video games that have been turned into books.

We’ve put together a list of five of our favourite novels that are based on video games. These books give players a closer look at well-known characters and stories, and give readers a closer insight into a game’s universe.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake has had some love lately when it crossed over into Remedy’s latest title, Control. But this novelisation of the game hearkens back to the original. Written by Rick Burroughs and published in 2010, this novel tells the story of famous writer Alan Wake who is on vacation with his wife. The couple have decided to take a vacation due to Alan’s writer’s block and things take a strange turn when they arrive.

The novelisation of this spooky story is very loyal to the video game, but if you’re hoping to receive some new insights, you won’t find it here. Alan Wake the novel is simply a more in-depth look at the world that players visit in the game and doesn’t give any new information. Still, it’s a great retelling of the story.

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Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth

Nathan Drake has had a lot of adventures in his time. Not only the amazing adventures he went on during the video games, but the in-between moments as well. The moments that the players never got to experience. And that’s where Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth by Christopher Golden comes in. This book tells a new Drake story that players will have never heard before and gives it to readers with loads of tasty details.

In the book, a friend of Sully’s, an archaeologist, has been murdered. The famous duo, along with the archaeologist’s daughter Jada, investigate the circumstances behind the death while ducking and dodging assassins. Along the way they uncover the mystery of the fourth labyrinth in a story that players will wish they had made into an actual game.

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BioShock: Rapture

Ever since the first BioShock game released players have been obsessed with learning everything they can about the underwater city of Rapture. While you can discover a lot of lore about the city from wandering around the game, the novelisation allows you to go deeper than ever.

Written in 2011 by John Shirley, this novel tells the story of Andrew Ryan, the dreamer who thought up Rapture. This novel acts as a prequel to the first BioShock game and gives players that crave more backstory for this strange, utopian world just what they’re looking for.

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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy

Resident Evil hasn’t just had one novelisation; it has had six in the from of S.D. Perry’s Resident Evil series that first published back in 1998. Perry retold the stories of Resident Evil 0 through Code Veronica and even wrote two of her own original novels. The Umbrella Conspiracy, the first published novel, follows Jill, Chris, Barry and other important characters from the game.

What makes these novels so special is the way that Perry is able to give insight into characters that players don’t find much about during the game. We know that Barry gets blackmailed by Wesker, but we don’t get to hear about his internal turmoil with himself. We also don’t get a look into the sick mind of Wesker. These novels are a great way to get even more info about your favourite Resident Evil characters.

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Dead Space: Martyr

Dead Space is a game with a complicated story. Its got aliens, cultists, the marker – we’re still not completely sure we know what on Earth is going on. Thankfully, there have a been a few books that give readers a closer look at the universe Visceral Games first brought to life back in 2008.

Dead Space: Martyr tells the story of Michael Altman, a geophysicist who starts to hear a signal from what can only be a mysterious artifact. With his girlfriend Ada he decides to join a team excavating an underwater crater where he is determined he will find the source of this signal. While Dead Space: Martyr isn’t a continuation of the story players experienced in the game, it is a great novel that expands upon the eerie, violent universe.

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